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HISTORIC PATENTS 1790 - 1836  
The patents issued during the period July, 1790 until July, 1836 have come to be known as the "X Patents". All patents issued prior to 1836 were issued by name and date rather than being assigned a number. The Patent Office had already issued nearly 10,000 patents, when a fire destroyed many of the original records in December of 1836. Using private files, the office was able to restore 2,845 patents. The restored records were issued a number beginning with an "X" and called the "X-Patents." Thus the first patent ever issued was actually designated patent X1. The patents that could not be restored were cancelled. The USPTO database can only be searched by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current US Classification. To display the actual patent and its accompanying drawings requires a "TIFF" plug-in for your browser.
U.S. Patent
Inventor (s) Description
Common in bold. Patent in CAPS.
X1 07.31.1790 Samuel Hopkins pot ash process
X72 03.14.1794 Eli Whitney cotton gin
X8277 06.21.1834 Cyrus H. McCormick reaper
X9430 02.25.1836 Samuel Colt revolver
Historic Patents 1976 - Present Historic Patents 1836 - 1975


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