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The Great Idea Finder  2006  The Year in Review
During 2006, The Great Idea Finder was visited by 2,673,609 people.
Monthly Average:  222,801  -  Daily Average  7,385

Top Ten Pages
light bulb
The Great Idea Finder
Lewis Latimer
George W. Carver
printing press
TGIF Idea History
bubble gum
TGIF Invention Facts
Top Ten Search Terms

George W. Carver
James Watt
Ruth Handler
printing press
Alessandro Volta
Johannes Gutenberg
light bulb
Henry Ford
Charles Drew

Top Ten Books
Panati’s Origins
History of Science & Tech.
Toys!: Amazing Stories
Weaving the Web
The Knowledge Web
Inventing Modern America
Why Didn't I Think of That?
Mistakes That Worked
Brainstorm!: Kid Inventors
Inventions Shaped History


Top Ten Inventions
light bulb
printing press
bubble gum
potato chips
chewing gum
Barbie doll
traffic light
Top Ten Referrals

Google Canada
Google United Kingdom
Google Australia
Google India

Top Ten Products
Trouser Waist Stretcher
Robotics Invention System
FLY Pentop Computer
Leapster Learning System
Mail Time Mail Box Flag
Emergency Survival Kit
Apple iPod Photo
Blackout Buddy Radio
Book light "itty bitty"
Window Bird Feeder
Top Ten Inventors
Lewis Latimer
George W. Carver
James Watt
Henry Ford
Alessandro Volta

Johannes Gutenberg
Charles Drew
Thomas Alva Edison
Ruth Handler
Leonardo da Vinci
Top Browers
Internet Explorer 70%
Mozilla Compatible 17%
Firefox 6%
Safari 2%
Netscape 1%
Top Platforms

Windows 75%
Macintosh 4% 
LInux 0.36%
WebTV 0.04%

Top Ten Features
Invention Facts
Inventor Biography
Idea Showcase
Inventor Direct
Ideas For Sale
A Class Act
Did You Ever Wonder
Resource Center
Innovation Timeline
Great Idea Award Winner

World Wide Web - Year-End Review
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2005 Year-end Google Zeitgeist
It turns out that looking at the aggregation of billions of search queries people type into Google reveals something about our curiosity, our thirst for news, and perhaps even our desires. Considering all that has occurred in 2005, we thought it would be interesting to study just a few of the significant events, and names that make this a memorable year. Best Books of 2006 Customers' Favorites: Top 50 Books
Here are the overall 50 topselling books on during 2006. Best Books of 2006 Editors' Picks: Top 50 Books
Here are the overall 50 topselling books on during 2006.
Best Inventions 2006
Selected by Time Magazine.
Lake Superior State University 2007 List of Banished Words
LSSU accepts nominations for the List of Banished Words throughout the year.
Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2006
Click on each of the other words in the Top Ten List for their definitions in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:
Top Searches of 2006 at
Here are the top searches of 2006 as compiled by; from the overall top searches to the top searches in movies.
Top Toys fro 2006
Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey was designed to gauge consumer behavior and shopping trends related to the winter holidays. The survey, which polled 8,090 consumers, was conducted for NRF by BIGresearch from November 1-8, 2006. The consumer poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.0 percent.
Yahoo! Top Searches 2006
It's been another exhilarating year in the world of search. We've covered the search beat for over five years now and the buzz searchers create never ceases to intrigue me. It's something new every day, every week, every month, every year.
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