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Millennium Poll Winners
The results are in. customers have chosen their favorites of the millennium in books, music, and video. Wide-ranging and well-balanced, the lists include works by Shakespeare, Stephen King, and Ayn Rand; music by the Beatles, Mozart, and Miles Davis; and films such as The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather, and Star Wars. (It bears noting that the Bible received the most votes among books, but we had to leave it off our list because it was not written within the past 1,000 years.) We’ve also compiled tallies for the top author, musical artist, and director, based on the total votes each received for their various works. Dig deep and enjoy!

The Best Books of the Century
What becomes a classic most? Convening in the literary equivalent of a smoke-filled room,'s editors haggled over the 100 finest fiction and nonfiction titles of the century. Some months later, they emerged with a delicious--and judicious--mix of great books.
The Best Music of the Century
The past hundred years of recorded music have seen enormous changes brought on by technology, evolving tastes, and new musical styles.'s Best of the Century music lists were chosen by our editors with an ear toward innovation, lasting influence, and cultural impact.
The Best Videos of the Century
From nickelodeon to movie house to multiplex, boob tube to big screen, movies and TV have conveyed this century's most galvanic mass entertainment.'s editors have selected the Best of the Century to mirror the artistry, technical innovation, and cultural change witnessed over these 100 years.



LIFE : Our Century in Pictures
by Richard B. Stolley (Editor), Tony Chiu (Editor) / Hardcover - 423 pages (October 1999) / Bulfinch Pr
It's not just a grab bag of 770 arresting, touching, scary, funny, alternately famous and unfamiliar images. It tells a semi-coherent story by breaking up the century into nine "epochs," each introduced with a brief essay by a leading intellectual light (David M. Kennedy, Paul Fussell, and Garry Wills do especially well).
ESPN SportsCentury
by Michael MacCambridge (Editor), Chris Berman, David Halberstam (Introduction) /
Hardcover - 288 pages (September 1999) / Hyperion
David Halberstam's introduction sets the tone for this sweeping look at the players and moments that have defined athletic competition in the 1900s: "Throughout the century," he observes, "sports ... served as a remarkable reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of the nation--its diversity, its hungers, its excesses, its rank commercialism."  Attractive, comprehensive, and neatly designed, ESPN SportsCentury is a classy tribute to the sporting achievements of the last 100 years.
The Century
by Peter Jennings, Todd Brewster / Hardcover - 624 pages  / Doubleday
TV tie-in, TV coauthor: these don't guarantee a book will circulate, but this lavishly illustrated survey of the twentieth century--coauthored by ABC News anchor and senior editor Jennings and longtime Life reporter (now contributing editor) Brewster--should attract attention in most readers. A companion book to 27 hours of television to be broadcast on ABC or the History Channel this year.
20th Century Day By Day: The Ultimate Record of Our Times
Hardcover - 1540 pages (November 1, 1999) / DK Publishing
This lavishly illustrated book is difficult to put down--not surprising, when each turn of the page reveals gems such as "Model T ready to roll" (August 1908), "Empire State Building is world's tallest" (May 1931), "Ingrid Bergman says she's no saint" (August 1949), "Sinatra and Mia are wed; go to London" (July 1966), and "Pompidou Center: factory or museum?" (February 1977). , The 20th Century Day by Day is a beautiful book, perfect for browsing, that will thrill any history buff.
Life Millennium: The 100 Most Important Events and People of the Past 1000 Years
by Robert Friedman (Editor), Life Magazine (Editor) / Hardcover: 196 pages  /  Bulfinch Press;(1998)
What an interesting topic! Unfortunately, however, the list of the top 100 people of the millennium
seems distorted by misunderstood patriotism.
Millennium Year By Year: A Chronicle of World History from AD 1000 to the Present Day
Hardcover - 888 pages Limited edition (September 1999) / DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789446413
Here is a great book to commemorate the millennium...a retro view of the last 1000 years! It tells the history of the last thousand years in the form of modern newspaper articles. The articles cover everything from military history, political changes, and scientific discoveries to cultural milestones and obituary notices. This lavishly illustrated book is difficult to put down--not surprising, when each turn of the page reveals tiny gems of history. This is a beautiful book, perfect for browsing, that will thrill any history buff. 
National Geographic Eyewitness to the 20th Century
by National Geographic / Hardcover - 400 pages (1999) / Natl Geo. Society
Experience 100 years of monumental change from the unique perspective an organization that contributed to, witnessed, and documented it all, in this lavishly illustrated, one-of-a-kind family reference. 600 photos. This is a rich compilation of photographs, essays, and timelines, breaking the 20th century up into decade-long sections such as "The Age of Big Business" (1900 to 1909) and "Challenging the Establishment" (1960 to 1969).
Century Makers : One Hundred Clever Things We Take for Granted Which Have Changed Our Lives over the Last One Hundred Years (OUT OF PRINT - LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
by David Hillman, David Gibbs / Hardcover - 216 pages (1999) / Welcome Rain
The selection of items depicted to represent everyday stuff that we take for granted is very insightful. Further, and most interesting, are the strange facts behind the creation, development, and mistakes that led to these incredible inventions. Educational and witty and extremely good visual design.
20Th-Century Dreams
by Nik Cohn, Guy Peellaert /
Paperback - 224 pages (999) / Knopf
Who introduced Babe Ruth to Albert Einstein, and why? Who was privy to the pact between Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray, the romance of the artist formerly known as Prince and Princess Di, and the fate of Marilyn Monroe? Not only is Peellaert and Cohn's extravagant and provocative fantasy amusing, it provides a welcome antidote for the rash of more portentous end-of-the-century roundups.
Great Events of the 20th Century
by Time Magazine (Editor) / Hardcover - 192 pages (April, 1998) / Time Life
As usual, Time editors mounted a nice compilation of 20th century events with great prose and fabulous photographs from Time´s archive.
Icons of the 20th Century: 200 Men and Women Who Have Made a Difference
by Barbara Cady / Hardcover - 418 pages (1998) / Overlook Press
Who becomes a legend most? For more than two years, a panel composed of such arbiters of culture as Leo Castelli, Rita Dove, Bruce Jenner, Joyce Carol Oates, Daniel Schorr, Gay Talese, Pierre Trudeau, and Eli Wallach pondered that question and came up with a list of the 200 most important icons of the 20th century.   One can hardly think of a better way to take stock of the dramatic events, advances, and--arguably--declines that have shaped the human experience over the past 100 years.
People's Century: The Ordinary Men and Women Who Made the Twentieth Century  (OUT OF PRINT - LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
by Godfrey Hodgson, P. Smith (Editor) / Hardcover - 640 pages (April 1998) /
Times Books
This companion volume to the twenty-six-part PBS documentary is a journal of our age. It tells a tale of ten tumultuous decades - not from the towering vantage point of princes and presidents but from the modest perspective of ordinary people who found themselves swept up in dramatic events of historic proportions. Thousands of personal recollections have been blended into a powerful narrative and enhanced by photographs, vivid illustrations, and detailed maps.
People of the Century
by Dan Rather / Hardcover - 448 pages (1999) / Simon & Schuster
This is the century that split the atom, probed the psyche, spliced genes, and cloned sheep. Plastic, the silicon chip, and rock-and-roll were invented. Airplanes, rockets, satellites, televisions, computers and atom bombs were built. Traditional ideas about logic, language, learning, mathematics, economics, and even space and time were overthrown and radically refashioned. Presenting the one hundred most influential leaders, artists, intellects, and heroes who shaped history.
20th Century Revolutions in Technology
by Edward Nathan Singer / Hardcover - 435 pages (May 1997) / Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
This book is as fine an overview of science and technology as one is going to find . A fine book on its own . However it really shines as a reference work when reading other more detailed (confusing !) books on specific subjects in the sciences. You will find many interesting tidbits as well as enough information that you will want to read it again.




20th Century Inventions
How an explosion of inventions changed our lives in the 20TH Century. A ThinkQuest Project.
The Most Important 20th Century Invention Survey Results
The Lemelson-MIT Program, polled 300 high school students and 300 of their parents to ascertain which inventions of the past century they believed to be the most significant.
Into 2000: A TIME Photo Essay.
100 Years...100 Movies
To commemorate the first 100 years of American moviemaking, the American Film Institute has embarked upon an unprecedented celebration—AFI’s 100 Years...100 Movies.
Newseum's Stories of the Century
The survey's contentious results suggest as much about how survey voters see themselves today, poised on the brink of a new millennium, as they reveal about how the nation sees the past 100 years. Some 36,000 people cast ballots in Stories of the Century: The Nation Votes, sponsored by USA WEEKEND and the Newseum, the interactive museum of news. Both news and history, it turns out, are in the eye of the beholder.
Interfaces: The Century's Top 10
The world we experience is increasingly defined by the intermediaries between us and our machines. Betcha can't make it through the day without using all 10.
CNN Perspectives Series
Person of the Century
From Time magazine.
Milestones of the Millennium
100 chosen by the History Channel.
ESPN End of the Century
Sports highlights for the last 100 years.
Individuals of the Century
One century, 100 remarkable people.TIME has profiled those individuals who — for better or worse — most influenced the last 100 years. They are considered in five fields of endeavor; Leaders & Revolutionaries, Artists & Entertainers; Builders & Titans; Scientists & Thinkers and Heroes & Icons.

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