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Click for About Us ABOUT US
The Great Idea Finder (www.ideafinder.com) Web site was created  by Vaunt Design Group, an Internet consulting company. Our only mission is to provide inspiration to the "inventor" in all of us.
Click for Make A Difference MAKE A DIFFERENCE
An online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities. Many of the organizations specialize in the intellectually property community. Included in this area are all previous MAD selections
Click for TGIF Archives ARCHIVES
Here is where you will find some of the articles that we have featured. Included in this area are all previous words of wisdom selections, holiday origins and stuff that would not fit anywhere else.
Click for Honors Received HONORS WE HAVE RECEIVED
We are grateful to the organizations that have selected the TGIF site worthy of mention. We also want to thank our visitors for their comments, questions, suggestions and kind words..
Click for Links Page LINKS PAGE
We are always looking for business, organization or institution Web sites to include on the links page. We want as many helpful resources as possible for our visitors. The sites listed cover a wide verity of interests.
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