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Amazing Kids
Amazing Kids! is dedicated to inspiring excellence in children. We base this mission on the belief that every child has the potential to be "amazing" in her or his own way. We believe it is through the realization of this potential that children will be able to live more productive and satisfying lives.

Amazing Kids! seeks to improve the lives of children through: 

  • uncovering the potential within each child 
  • providing them with the tools to nurture their unique talents, including access to a mentor. 
  • inspiring them to pursue excellence in their endeavors and to become lifelong achievers 

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways children learn is through the use of cross-age peer tutoring; that is, an older child given the task of teaching a younger child. Why? 

When students learn from someone who is "just like them," they are more engaged in their learning. Peer tutoring highlights a "common bond" between tutor and pupil; consequently, children are often more open and receptive to learning. Both children benefit: not only is the younger student more engaged in her learning, the older student experiences a sense of pride and accomplishment in having helped another child learn. 

Amazing Kids! uses these findings as the basis for designing its educational programs for children. We strongly believe in the power of peer role models to teach and inspire excellence in children. Unfortunately, our children today do not always have access to positive role models, especially good peer role models. Many of the messages children are hearing today is that it is "cool" to have an "attitude" and to be an underachiever.  If children need good peer role models to educate and inspire them (and they do!), where can children today go to find them? 

It is the objective of Amazing Kids! to offer children a selection of quality educational programs which present them with a wide range of positive and inspiring role models; someone they can relate to, as well as someone to emulate. 

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