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"We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough."
- Helen Keller
Assistive Media
Assistive Media is the Internet's first audio solution for persons with print reading/access barriers. The audio recordings of the literary works produced by Assistive Media are now easily accessible, on-demand, to the ever growing number of persons with disabilities who now use the Internet.

Assistive Media has opened a unique avenue of accessibility for many individuals with cognitive, physical, and communication disabilities. Used in a variety of environmental settings (home, school, community, work place), Assistive Media provides a solution that allows individuals with disabilities access to literary materials which provide independence and integration into the mainstream of society and community life.

Assistive Media seeks to offer material that is immediate yet timeless, energetic and thoughtful, serious and funny. Assistive Media's very simple goal is to offer accessibility to good writing, a point of view, and a deeper understanding of people, communities, and cultures through the highest standards of nonprofit service.

Based in Ann Arbor Michigan-USA, Assistive Media was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit producer and provider of audiocassette-based literary works to libraries for the blind and physically handicapped.

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