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Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund

Our Mission Statement
The Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund is committed to facilitating, supporting and increasing philanthropy in the following ways: educating donors about the benefits of charitable giving; pooling and investing contributions; and providing exceptional services that simplify the giving process.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Charitable Gift Fund online. As the #1 grant maker in America, it stands to reason that our mission states our commitment to "educating donors on the benefits of charitable giving." This site is the first step of many, as we evolve into a resource for people interested in finding out more about philanthropy. This site will grow in the coming months and years based on your commentary and our own commitment to uncover additional useful information. We hope that you will continue to visit this site and utilize its tools to further your knowledge of the charitable landscape.

You will find information in our Philanthropic Resources section developed to broaden your knowledge of philanthropy. Read our quarterly newsletter online or look for suggested readings and links to additional sites for more information.

Visit the Donor Services section if you are already a Charitable Gift Fund donor and have specific questions on policies and procedures. Also utilize this section if you need to order additional forms for contributions or grants. If you are not a donor, but considering becoming one, feel free to browse this section for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

In the Charitable Gift Fund section, you will gain a better understanding of our donor-advised fund and the unique benefits it offers. With the coordination of your charitable giving goals and your tax and estate planning needs, you can do more for the causes you care about most. If you have similar charitable giving goals, but also want a lifetime stream of income, the Pooled Income Fund may be the solution for you. Whether you are an individual interested in Personal Giving, a business interested in Corporate Giving, or an Adviser, these sections can answer some of your questions about our charitable giving options available to you.

News & Noteworthy will enable us to communicate recent philanthropic developments. It also provides us a tool to give you the most current information on enhancements to the Gift Fund.

Thank you visiting our site. It's our commitment to philanthropy that has made the Charitable Gift Fund the fastest growing public charity in the country. To date, our donors have contributed over $700 million dollars to 50,000 charities, and you, too, can bring more to giving. We hope that you will come back often and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

If you are interested in receiving additional information and an application by mail, simply click on Join Us anywhere in the site and we will be happy to send a kit to your home or office.

Best Regards,
Rudman J. Ham

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