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Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation, philanthropic organization, founded in 1936 by the American automobile manufacturers Henry Ford and his son Edsel B. Ford. The charter of the foundation states that it was established "for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare." Among its main objectives are (1) to help provide equal opportunity for all Americans in employment, education, and housing; (2) to improve the educational process; (3) to achieve reforms in the administration of justice; (4) to develop resources in the humanities and the arts; (5) to aid research on problems arising from the rapid worldwide population expansion; (6) to encourage communication and cooperation throughout the world; and (7) to assist the development of the poorer countries of the world. Foundation headquarters is located in New York City.

From its inception 1994, the foundation spent more than $12 billion on programs and grants in the United States and numerous foreign countries. Its major fields of activity are organized into six broad categories: urban poverty, rural poverty and resources, human rights and social justice, governance and public policy, education and culture, and international affairs.

Among the central concerns of the foundation are programs designed to help revitalize neighborhoods; supported-work programs to aid severely distressed black, Hispanic, and Native American people in finding jobs; and programs to expand employment and training opportunities for women. The foundation is also working to further equal educational opportunities for women and minorities and to eliminate sex discrimination at all educational levels. It is involved with programs on resources and the environment, especially energy policies, in the U.S. and in developing countries.

In the area of international affairs, the Ford Foundation maintains programs in developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America to expand food production, moderate population growth, aid in resettling refugees, and increase the opportunities for disadvantaged people in education and social progress. Other concerns are human rights, arms control, and international peace and security.

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