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 Potato chips were invented In the summer of 1853 by Native American George Crum.
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Hearts and Minds
The biggest issue
       Poverty, racism, the environment - Hearts and Minds works on many important issues.

       We also address a larger issue - affecting all the others: Millions of people are somewhat cynical...apathetic...unsure how much they can help. Getting them involved can accomplish so much.

The power of communication
       Through our Web site, upcoming magazine and national publicity efforts, Hearts and Minds works to reach people nationwide (and all over the world). We motivate people to get involved, showing how to make volunteering and donations more effective.

Communication Works
   People are moved by what they read, hear and see. That's why over $180 billion was spent on advertising in 1997.*
*Total advertising expenditures in the USA. Source: Robert J. Coen, McCann-Erickson Worldwide

       Hearts and Minds' staff and volunteers worked on many successful campaigns. Our skills in advertising, publicity, marketing, non-profit and business management helped motivate people in many ways.

       And this may be the most important campaign of our lives...

       The basic message: Each individual has untapped power to make things better. For growing numbers of people, Hearts and Minds shows effective ways to do so.

People want this info
       In 1996 we Americans gave over $150 billion* to a wide range of non-profit organizations. And we are avid volunteers.
       Yet, we're not always sure how much we can make a difference. There is widespread clamor for the media and politicians to address the issues.
*Source: AAFRC (American Association of Fund Raising Counsel)

Finding answers
       We encourage you (and all of us) to think deeply about your role in creating and solving problems. Rather than prescribe one set answer, we promote inquiry, discussion and involvement as key to constructive change.

       Our growing Web site includes articles on the environment, poverty, campaign reform, self-help and other important issues. We also list resources, links and practical advice on how to get involved effectively.

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