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d-helpinglogo.gif (651 bytes)—Helping People Make a Difference is an easy-to-use, one-stop online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and beyond. With customizable services and comprehensive information, it's never been easier—or more secure—to donate your time, services, or financial support.

".org" means we are nonprofit

  • we take 0% cut or commission from online donations
  • users pay no fees or costs
  • nonprofits pay no fees or costs
  • all costs of transactions and administration, except the standard processing fee charged by the credit card company, are covered by the AOL Foundation.
  • accepts no advertising
  • lists of contributors and volunteers are private, not shared with or sold to anyone
  • users receive records of contribution for tax purposes partners is a partnership between the AOL Foundation and its nonprofit partners who bring specialized expertise and resources to the site.

America's Promise
The American Red Cross
The Benton Foundation
The Digital Divide Working Group
The Independent Sector
The National Urban League
The Resources for Nonprofits Working Group
Resources for charities also provides comprehensive online resources and tools to help nonprofits integrate the power of the Internet into their strategic planning and to organize, recruit, fundraise and publicize their mission and successes online. Developed by nonprofits and the Benton Foundation, also maintains a clearinghouse of information and resources on the issue of the Digital Divide, the technology access gap effecting rural and urban low-income and minority populations.
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