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 Potato chips were invented In the summer of 1853 by Native American George Crum.
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The JASON Foundation for Education was founded to administer the JASON Project, an educational project begun in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard following his discovery of the wreck of the RMS. Titanic. After receiving thousands of letters from children who were excited by his discovery, Dr. Ballard and a team of associates dedicated themselves to developing ways that would enable teachers and students all over the world to take part in global explorations using advanced interactive telecommunications.

The Mission of the JASON Foundation for Education is to excite and engage students in science and technology, and to motivate and provide professional development for their teachers through the use of advanced interactive telecommunications. The JASON Foundation for Education enjoys the support and expertise of a unique alliance of public, private and non-profit organizations who are committed to improvement of science and technical education for all students. JASON expeditions, supported by extensive professional development for teachers and award-winning curricula, feature live, interactive broadcasts from distinctive sites on our planet through advanced technologies in robotics, fiber optics, television production, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, and satellite communications.

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