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Share the Technology - Computer Recycling Project
Thousands of old computers are sitting around collecting dust and going to waste!

We’re trying to connect potential donors with donation seekers regardless of their geographic locations. No matter where you are in the country, there are organizations which need your donations!

Our national, computer donation database lists donation requests and offers from all across the US.

If you are looking for donations or have equipment to offer, we encourage you to post a listing. You might find a donor or recipient right in your local area in the United States. The database includes requests from other countries as well.

There is no charge for a listing and the submission process is very easy. Just click the appropriate link to post a donation request or offer.

If you spot equipment going to waste or on its way to the trash, please try to redirect it to a recycling project, school or nonprofit organization in your area. We have hundreds of requests listed from schools and non-profit all across the country. One of them might be right down the street from you.

Please check our database to see if anyone in your state has posted a donation request.

Let’s work together to salvage good computers (486 or better PCs and 040 Macs).

We believe it simply makes good sense to keep good computers out of landfills and to give them to organizations which can put them to good use!


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