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The international ThinkQuest® program encourages students to use the Internet to create Web-based educational tools and materials that make learning fun and contagious.  Structured as a contest, the ThinkQuest program encourages students on different levels of the information technology ladder to form teams to build their educational materials.  Along the way, it provides significant help to participants.  Teams, typically coached by teachers, collaborate in the "Internet Style" and develop innovative, high-quality educational tools that take advantage of the strengths of the Internet. 

With over one million dollars in scholarships and awards every year, the ThinkQuest program has energized the intellectual power of students around the world to contribute to educational technology.  Over a thousand entries have been built by students around the world and are now being used by millions each week. 

By encouraging students to develop new skills in creating and using information age tools, ThinkQuest helps them prepare for a future dramatically different from today.  And, as important, a well-structured library of educational materials, built by students for students, is available for teachers to integrate into their classroom curriculum. 

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