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Bakelite Leo Baekeland 1907
Cellophane   Jacques Brandenberger 1908
Duct Tape Johnson & Johnson Co. 1942
Dynamite  Alfred Nobel  1866
Kevlar   Stephanie Kwolek 1965
Kitty Litter   Ed Lowe   1947
Matches   Joshua Pusey   1889
Nylon Stockings Wallace H. Carothers 1938
Radioactivity, study of    Marie Curie   1903
Safety Glass   Edouard Benedictus 1903
Scotchgard Patsy Sherman and Sam Smith 1956
Vulcanized Rubber Charles Goodyear 1843


Innovation: Breakthrough Thinking at DuPont
by Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Editor), Fred Wiersema (Contributor), John J. Kao, Tom Peters / Hardcover - 208 pages 1 Ed edition (July 1997) / Harperbusiness
Case studies by executives of 3M, DuPont, GE, Pfizer, and Rubbermaid show their company's commitment to innovation and present lessons learned by these well-known companies that have turned themselves into integrated innovation machines.

 Alchemy: The Science of Magic
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / 74310 / Less than $25.00
From the earliest times, but especially in the Middle Ages, men labored over furnaces and vats of molten metal hoping to discover a path to riches or everlasting life. And while modern society rightfully dismisses the Holy Grail of alchemy the transformation of lead or another base metal to gold the ancient art helped lay the groundwork for much of modern science.

DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / Less than $25.00 / Also VHS
A bullet travels up to 3,000 feet per second. So how can it be stopped? Surprisingly, there are many answers to this question.

Du Ponts: America's Wealthiest Family
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / Biography Channel / Less than $25.00 / Also VHS
Learn of the family credo that says a du Pont's name should only appear in the paper when they are born, married or die! In rare interviews, family members including former Delaware Governor Pierre du Pont IV offer an inside view of life in America's richest family.


Corning Museum of Glass
Little is known about the first attempts to make glass.

Brief History of DuPont
DuPont is one of the oldest continuously operating industrial enterprises in the world. The company was established in 1802 near Wilmington, Delaware, by a French immigrant.
History of Adhesives
The first evidence of a substance being used as an adhesive dates back to 4000 B.C.

History of Plastics
We all know the many ways that plastics contribute to our health, safety and peace of mind. But how did the material plastic come about?

Kevlar The Wonder Material
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is operated by the University of California for the United States Department of Energy.

Plastics Museum
Tragically Wallace Carothers, regarded by his contemporaries as an outstanding chemist, never lived to see his new product become a necessity in modern life.

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