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Air Brake George Westinghouse 1869
Airplane Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright 1903
Airplane Engine Charles Taylor 1903
Automobile Karl Benz 1889
Dirigible, Rigid Ferdinand Zeppelin 1900
Electric Carriage Robert Anderson 1832
Elevator Elisha Graves Otis 1852
Escalator Nathan Ames 1859
Hot Air Balloon Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier 1783
Internal Cmbustion Engine Nicholaus Otto 1876
Lubrication System Elijah McCoy 1872
Motorcycle Sylvester Roper 1869
Outboard Motor Ole Evinrude 1907
Pneumatic Tire John Dunlop 1887
Rocket, Liquid-fueled Robert Goddard 1912
Segway HT Dean Kamen 2001
Traffic Light William Potts 1920
Wheel Mesopotamian c3500BC
Windshield Wipers Mary Anderson 1903


100 Inventions That Shaped World History
by Bill Yenne, Morton, Dr. Grosser (Editor) / Paperback - 112 pages (1983)
/ Bluewood Books
This book contains inventions from all around the world from microchips to fire. This is a really good book if you are going to do research on inventions.

1000 Inventions & Discoveries
by Roger Bridgman / Hardcover: 256 pages / Dorling Kindersley Publishing; (2002)
Fascinating stories and vivid photographs and illustrations tell the tales of the developments in technology and natural science that have shaped our world. Profiles of the famous (and not-so-famous) men and women who have had "Eureka!" moments, a running timeline which puts the inventions and discoveries in historical context.

America on Wheels: The First 100 Years: 1896-1996
by Frank Coffey, Joseph Layden / Paperback - 304 pages / General Pub Group - 1998
Featuring three hundred archival color and black-and-white photographs, the companion volume to the PBS documentary chronicles the development of the American automobile, with contributions by past and present pioneers in the industry.
The Engines of Our Ingenuity : An Engineer Looks at Technology and Culture
by John H. Lienhard / Paperback: 272 pages / Oxford University Press, USA (December 4, 2003)
Based on episodes from Lienhard's widely broadcast public radio series, this intriguing set of essays begins with a simple premise: more than we often care to admit, our lives are shaped by our machines. Fleshing out this proposition, Lienhard ransacks 2,000 years of scientific and technological history, cobbling together a quirky biography of the strange being he calls homo technologicus.
Eureka!: An Illustrated History of Inventions From the Wheel to the Computer (Limited Avail.)
by Edward De Bono / Hardcover - 248 pages (1974) / Thames & Hudson

A marvelous array of history's and prehistory's most important and intriquing inventions.
The History of Science and Technology
by Bryan Bunch, Alexander Hellemans / Hardcover: 768 pages / Houghton Mifflin Company; (2004)
Highly browsable yet richly detailed, expertly researched and indexed, The History of Science and Technology is the perfect desktop reference for both the science novice and the technologically advanced reader alike.
The Great Dirigibles: Their Triumphs and Disasters
by John Toland / Paperback: 352 pages / Dover Publications; Revised edition (June 1, 1972)
The story of the Great Dirigibles)is sure to please even the most knowledgeable airship reader. Toland investigates the origins of airships and includes many of the pre-Zeppelin era narratives. The book is full of first hand accounts and includes an excellent index and an acknowledgement section (which will be of interest to serious readers).
On the Move : Transportation and the American Story
by Michael Sweeney, Janet Davidson /  Hardcover: 320 pages / National Geographic; (2003)
lively narrative of the country’s network of transportation systems, the people who built and traveled on them and the goods shipped on them. Packed with informative sidebars, maps, artwork, historical photographs complemented by original photography of Smithsonian artifacts, as well as many personal anecdotes.
Wheels: A Pictorial History
by Edwin Tunis / Paperback: 96 pages / Johns Hopkins University Press; (September 1, 2002)
Nothing like the wheel exists in nature; it may be one of humanity's greatest inventions. In Wheels, writer and illustrator Edwin Tunis traces the development of the wheel over 5,000 years, his accurate drawings and lucid text depicting the human victory over space and inertia.

DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / 73282 / Less than $25.00
They are among the most romantic machines ever built, enormous craft held aloft by lighter-than-air gas trapped beneath their vast skins. In the 20th century, they have played a vital role in war, transportation and commerce?and been involved in one of the most famous tragedies of all time.

America On The Move
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 90 Minutes / History Channel / Less than $25.00
The Smithsonian Institute and A&E present AMERICA ON THE MOVE--two complete documentaries that cover over a century of invention and innovation. Interviews, fascinating archival footage and a stunning behind-the-scenes look at the new transportation exhibit at the National Museum of American History reveal the epic transformation of our nation by planes, trains, boats and automobiles.

Car Tech
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 100 Minutes / History Channel / Less than $30.00
This two-hour tour through the automotive future is peppered with exotic visions and groundbreaking engineering advances, from hyper-efficient vehicles with revolutionary drive trains to alternate fuel sources and the most radical designs currently coming off the drawing boards from Stuttgart to Detroit

The Technology of Kitty Hawk
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / Less than $25.00
On December 17, 1903, two brainy bicycle makers from North Carolina attained a dream that had captivated mankind for millennia. The first powered flight With expert insight into the debates between the brothers and an up-close look at the historic' 03 Flyer, an incisive, illuminating look at the nuts and bolts of the first flight.

DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / Less than $25.00 / Also VHS
Meet the pioneers behind such names as Triumph, Indian, Yamaha and Harley Davidson, and see how their early designs have been adapted and updated over decades of development.
The Wheel
DVD / 1 Volume Set / 50 Minutes / History Channel / 73423 / Less than $25.00
The millwheel revolutionized food production. The wheel and axle are the basis for almost every form of land transportation. Before the digital age, keeping accurate time would have been impossible without the wheel. And that's just the beginning.


Automotive Hall of Fame
The Automotive Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates accomplished individuals in the world-wide motor vehicle industry; a unique "people place" of innovation and inspiration.
Aviation History (Timeline)
From the Montgolfier Brothers construct the first lighter-than-air vehicle (a balloon) in 1873 through 2003 and the celebration of Aviation first century. Special consideration to Charles Lindberg at the Foundation Web site that bears his name.
The Elevator Museum
Elisha Graves Otis didn't invent the elevator, he invented something perhaps more important-the elevator safety device that eventually made high-rise buildings practical.
European Automotive Hall of Fame
Provided to the public by Automotive News newspaper.
Hybrid Cars
The history of hybrid automobiles from 1665 to the present.

History of the Hot Air Balloon
Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier developed their first hot-air balloon in 1783. This is a ThinkQuest project site.
NMMA Hall of Fame
History continues to verify that the innovative individuals who pursue perfection are often the ones who rise to the zenith of their chosen profession. Awarded by the National Marine Manufacturers Association beginning in 1988.
Science & Technology Firsts
by Leonard C. Bruno / Hardcover: 636 pages / Thomson Gale (January 1997)
This volume offers approximately 4,000 entries divided into 12 broad topics, such as agriculture and everyday life, communications, computers, physics, and transportation. The author does not claim to have written a comprehensive history of science and technology. Rather, he provides a "selected history based on the concept of `firsts."
Who Made America - PBS Series
A tireless inventor and businessman, Westinghouse designed an air brake that made rail travel safer, and his promotion of an alternating current system revolutionized the power industry.
Transportation Timeline
From the Bartleby - The Encyclopedia of World History.

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