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The Invention Facts are organized alphabetically by invention title. Pick any letter in this invention listing and you will find an array of interesting and revealing information.
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Tea Emperor Shen Nung
Teddy Bear Morris Michtom
Teleautograph Elisha Gray
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Teletubbies Anne Wood & Andrew Davenport
Television Philo T. Farnsworth
Television, mechanical John Logie Baird
Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein
Tinkertoy Charles Pajeau
Toaster Charles Strite
Toll House Cookies Ruth Wakefield
Toilet Paper Seth Wheeler
Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking E. Paul Torrance
Traffic Light Garret Morgan  & William Potts
Trampoline George Nissen
Transistor J. Bardeen, W. Brattain and W. Shockley
Trivial Pursuit Chris Haney and Scott Abbott
Transformer William Stanley
Travelers Cheques Marcellus F. Berry
Tupperware Earl Tupper
Turing Machine Alan Mathison Turing
Typewriter Christopher Sholes


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