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Fascinating facts about the invention
of Smooth Staple by John G. Knapp in 1988.

In 1988, dentist John Knapp of Livonia, Michigan invented the Smooth Staple. The invention is concerned generally with a staple bone plate of the type which is used to retain dental appliances, namely dentures, in contact with the lower jaw
Invention: Smooth Staple®
Mandibular staple bone plate drawing from Patent No. 4,906,189 courtesy USPTO
Function: noun / Mandibular staple bone plate
Definition: Mandibular staple bone plates are used by denture wearers to anchor the lower denture to the lower jawbone.
Patent: 4,906,189 (US) issued March 6, 1990
Inventor: John G. Knapp
Criteria; First to invent. First to patent. First practical. Entrepreneur.
Nationality: American
1988 On June 17, Knapp files a patent application for Mandibular staple bone plate
1990 Patent issued  for Mandibular staple bone plate
1992 Trademark registration issued for Smooth Staple
The Story:
In accordance with the present invention, a mandibular staple bone plate assembly, for use in retaining a dental appliance, namely dentures, within the wearer's mouth comprises a flat elongated support plate having an accurate configuration which corresponds to the curvature of the lower surface of the front of the jawbone. Fixedly mounted to the support plate are parallel, vertically extending cylindrical mounting posts, each having a first end which is fixedly mounted to the support plate and a second end extending outwardly from the plate. There are at least two posts, each of a length sufficient to extend through the jawbone when the support plate is in abutment with the lower surface of the front of the jawbone. The posts pass through parallel bores formed in the jawbone which correspond in number and size to the posts.

Threads are formed on the lower exterior surface of each post to increase post surface area available for contact with bone tissue. The threads do not extend upwardly far enough to enter the mouth or contact gum tissue which may easily be irritated. The remainder of the post has a smooth outer surface which eliminates irritation and facilitates mounting of a dental appliance.

Additionally, formed in the second end of each mounting post is a threaded bore to which a retaining means may be attached. The retaining means may be utilized to mount, fixedly or releasable, a dental appliance, namely dentures.

One such embodiment of the retaining means may comprise an elongated appliance plate which has an accurate configuration similar to that of the support plate described above. The appliance plate has receiving means carried on a bottom portion thereof which engage corresponding mounting means disposed on the second ends of the mounting posts. Engagement of the mounting post mounting means with the appliance plate receiving means will rigidly hold the appliance plate within the wearer's mouth in a fixed position relative to the jawbone. The appliance plate will thereby provide a rigid mounting base for a dental appliance, namely dentures.

A second embodiment of the retaining means may comprise a threaded adapter which is threaded into the bore formed in the second end of the mounting post. The adapter is utilized to retain one portion of a standard attachment apparatus which is well known in the art. The other portion of the attachment apparatus is mounted in the underside of the denture thereby providing easy mounting and removal of the denture.

To assure that the mounting posts, extending into the wearer's mouth, are of a proper length to engage the receiving means carried on the bottom portion of the denture, thereby correctly positioning the denture within the mouth, a flat elongated gauge plate, having an accurate configuration substantially similar to the support plate is provided. The gauge plate may be of any predetermined thickness corresponding to the desired mounting configuration of the denture, and has mounting post bores, which correspond to the mounting post locations. The gauge plate is placed over the second ends of the mounting posts protruding from the lower jaw and the posts are subsequently cut at the top surface of the gauge plate, thereby leaving the mounting posts with a correct protruding length for proper engagement with the denture. The gauge plate is then removed leaving the post ends at a desired, uniform height.

In the case of post breakage, a replacement post may be provided which threading engages the mounting post threads at a location below the gum level. The replacement post utilizes a fixing screw which allows the retention of the denture on the new post location.


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Smooth Staple
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John G. Knapp, D.D.S., M. S.
Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry.

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A computer simulation of a dental articulator - Co-author John Knapp
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Smooth Staple
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