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Early AD Innovation Timeline
100-1399 A.D.
YEAR Milestones
105 Paper invented in China by Ts'ai Lun.
300 Stirrups invented in China, enabling horse-riders to use weapons effectively.
475 Horse collar invented in China.
600 The heavy plow invented by the Slavs.
770 Horseshoes come into use in Europe.
810 First description of Arabic numerals.
1000 Chinese discover a weak form of gunpowder.
1041 Movable clay type invented in China by Bi Sheng.
1060 Earliest reference to a water-powered fulling mill for finishing cloth.
1100 Water power used for iron-making in Europe.
1180 Windmills in Europe.
Properties of the compass known in Europe.
1249 Roger Bacon gives earliest European recipe for gunpowder.
1286 Eyeglasses invented in Europe
1291 The Venetian glass industry producing mirrors.
1300 Spinning wheels found in Europe.
1335 The earliest recorded mechanical clock is built in Italy.
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