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Copyright Book Resources
A copyright grants the legal right to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary or artistic work.
Authors and Owners: The Invention of Copyright
by Mark Rose / Paperback / Published 1995 - Belknap Press
Examines the genesis and development of the notion of authors as owners, and their works as commodities, from its emergence in the 18th century, to the issues of literary property still being debated. The already mystified figure of Shakespeare loomed large in the discussions before and after the first copyright law in 1707; he came out wearing the modern garb of a proprietor.
The Copyright Book
by William S. Strong / Hardcover - 386 pages 5th edition (July 9, 1999)  / MIT Press
As copyright issues grow more complicated, this guide becomes ever more indispensable. This fifth
edition has been updated to include recent judicial and legislative decisions and the debates
surrounding publication on the Web and other new media.
The Copyright Handbook: How to Protect & Use Written Works
by Stephen Fishman / Paperback: 432 pages / NOLO; 8th Bk&Cdr edition (January 14, 2005)
Copyright law is a complex field, and it's crucial for writers to understand what's entailed. Stephen Fishman covers what a copyright is, how it's created and protected, limitations and transfer of ownership, how long it lasts, and what copyright infringement is all about. The appendix contains a variety of sample forms and blank forms and a PC-formatted disk of the same material.
The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook
by Lloyd J. Jassin, Steve C. Schecter / Paperback: 198 pages John Wiley & Sons; (February 1998)
This manual allays a fear among publishing, broadcast, and film folk: getting sued. Copyright infringement is a manageable risk, if one understands the fair use doctrine and the procedures for acquiring and buying the right to reproduce material others have created.
Digital Copyright: Protecting Intellectual Property on the Internet
by Jessica Litman  / Hardcover - 225 pages (March 2001) / Prometheus Books

Readers with an interest in doing business on the Internet, or in the specific issue of copyright, should not be without this book. The author, a recognized expert in copyright law, demonstrates how the World Wide Web has the potential to restructure copyright laws in the U.S.
The Public Domain: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More
by Stephen Fishman  /
Paperback: 300 pages / NOLO; 2nd edition (March 1, 2004)
The first book of its kind, The Public Domain is the definitive guide to the creative works that are not protected by copyright and can be copied freely or otherwise used without paying permission fees. The book also lists hundreds of resources, such as websites, libraries and archives, useful for locating public domain works.
The Writer's Legal Companion: The Complete Handbook for the Working Writer
by Brad Bunnin, Peter Beren / Paperback - 368 pages 3rd Rev edition (October 1998)  / Perseus Pr

This is a fantastic reference for writers interested--and all should be--in legal issues concerning contracts, collaboration, agents, defamation, copyright, taxes, and high-tech publishing. Whether or not you've retained a literary lawyer to work on your behalf, you'll want a book such as this on your shelves, to refer to when you need advice on avoiding defamatory statements, protecting yourself against copyright infringement, or even knowing which home-office expenditures you may deduct come tax time.

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