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  Click for Web site resources.  ON THE WEB
A listing of Web sites that are of interest to the intellectual property community. The list is broken into broad categories to assist inventors, entrepreneurs, history buffs,  and those people who thrive on information
  Click for book resources.  ON THE BOOKSHELF
A listing of published resources, books and magazines, related to bringing recognition to intellectual property items and there authors. We have collected information on history, inventors and how-to-books that will help provide you with the inspiration and information you need.
   Click for screen resources.   ON THE SCREEN
History comes to life with videos from motion picture films, television specials and historical television series featuring invention and inventor stories in both VHS and DVD formats.
  Click for fun resources.  JOIN THE FUN
A listing of contests, competitions, programs, camps, organizations, experiments, projects  and creativity tools for the young and curious inventor.
Click for mentoring resources. PT MENTOR
A mentor is a wise and trusted guide and advisor. They could be a parent, teacher or peer. The resources listed include class plans, workshop ideas, interactive learning games, quizzes, expert tips and mentoring organizations.
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