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A listing of published resources related to bringing recognition to intellectual property items and there authors. We have collected information on history, inventors and how-to-books that will help provide an inspiration to our visitors.
Creative Process
History, General
Invention History
Inventor Biography
If you would like to suggest a book to be added to our bookshelf, please let us know..
There are many places for you to get copies of these publications here are just a few.
  • Try your school or local library first. This is usually the best approach because at the library the books are free and you will often find other related books as you look for the books listed. 
  • Purchase the books on-line. This On The Bookshelf section has been produced in association with, an Internet bookstore. Each title links to an appropriate page at where you can order the book immediately.
  • Go to your local new or used bookstore and browse.
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