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100 Greatest Inventions & Discoveries
The public has voted the wheel as being the greatest discovery or invention of all time. Voting has now ended, and you can see what inventions were chosen.
The American Experience
The American Experience Online Web site premiered in November of 1995 and has since won accolades from viewers and critics alike.
Gallery of Obscure Patents
Human ingenuity is unbounded. In the search for a better mousetrap, lawn mower, or golf cart, inventors come up with some pretty bizarre solutions. For a taste of the strange and wonderful, try the Gallery of Obscure Patents at the Delphion patent site. POP-UP ADS..
Hyper History Online
HyperHistory presents 3'000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, timelines, and maps.
How Stuff Works
An entertaining and informative site about things you use everyday but didn't know how they worked.   Selected 1998 Cool Site of the Year. POP-UP ADS.
Invention Index - 2006
This year's Invention Index found that nearly half of teens view invention as a way to contribute to society and be creative. Yet we continue to fall short, particularly with respect to teenage girls, when it comes to presenting these fields as viable and attainable career options. We need to do more to make science and technology more attractive to today's youth. From the Lemelson-MIT Program
Inventions Wild and Wacky Games!
From the National Geographic Society Kids page.
Inventor's Workshop
Become Leonardo da Vinci's apprentice and learn about the components of machines and how to create new gadgets. Leonardo set out to write the first systematic explanations of how machines work and how the elements of machines can be combined.His tremendous talents as a illustrator allowed him to draw his mechanical ideas with exceptional clarity. Five hundred years after they were put on paper, many of his sketches can easily be used as blueprints to create perfect working models.
Million Dollar Idea
So far, more than 100 inventors have turned out for live auditions, with an additional 400 sending in video pitches.  Winners will receive a product launch package from Leffert Jay & Polglaze, Risdall Advertising and TCF Small Business Banking Services.
The Most Important 20th Century Invention Survey Results
The Lemelson-MIT Program, polled 300 high school students and 300 of their parents to ascertain which inventions of the past century they believed to be the most significant.
Patently Absurd
Anyone who has made an invention can apply for a patent. Most patents describe serious inventions, which represent technological progress in the field concerned. But not always. People patent some pretty weird and wacky ideas. Absurd, weird and wacky patents from the UK Patent Office. The useless inventions of Arthur Pedrick.
Rube Goldberg Gallery
Through his wacky cartoons which depict the most elaborate and ridiculous devices to accomplish the most mundane tasks, RUBE GOLDBERG’S INVENTIONS have become synonymous with any maximum effort to achieve minimal results.
Useless Information
Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without. Interesting facts on inventions, inventors and other fun stuff.



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