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Creative Whack Pack
Cards / by Roger Von Oech / U.S. Games Systems; Cards edition (1989) / Less than $20.00
An illustrated deck of 64 creative thinking strategies that will whack you out of habitual thought patterns and enable you to look at your life and actions in a fresh way. Use the cards alone or with others to seek innovative solutions to issues. Created by best-selling author von Oech, the cards have been used by many organizations, including NASA, in strategy development and problem solving. Complete with detailed instructions.
Innovative Whack Pack
Cards / by Roger Von Oech / U.S. Games Systems; Cards edition (2003) / Less than $20.00
Looking for creative inspiration? Try consulting the Innovative Whack Pack. Each card in the deck packs a two-sided creative punch. One side has a provocative insight about innovation from Heraclitus, the world’s first creativity teacher. These 2,500 year old ideas - such as "You can’t step into the same river twice," "Everything flows," "That which opposes produces a benefit," and "Dogs bark at what they don’t understand" -will give you a fresh perspective. The other side contains a creativity strategy inspired by each insight. Roger von Oech enriches these strategies with amusing anecdotes and intriguing questions that will "whack" you out of old thought patterns.
Official Copyright Software 1.53
Software / CD-ROM /  Mac OS, Windows / by Enteractive Inc./ Less than $50.00

Whether you're a writer, poet, musician, filmmaker, photographer, software developer, Web site
designer, or owner of "thought property" work, Official Copyright is the only intellectual property
resource you will need to make sure your work stays your own.
Thinkpak : A Brainstorming Card Deck
Cards / by Michael Michalko / Ten Speed Press edition (1994) / Less than $20.00
With more than two years of testing in groups, the author of Thinkertoys brings us his pack of brainstorming cards. He has found the elements in this deck to be uniquely successful in stimulating creative, innovative ideas time and time again. Color-coded cards divided into nine key groups, boxed with instruction booklet. 
The Way Things Work Game
Board Game / by David Macaulay / Ages 10+ / Less than $25.00
Based on the best-selling book by artist David Macaulay, this game of science and engineering combines physical experimentation with a board game, allowing children to discover the workings of gears, levers, fulcrums, ramps, scales, and other basic scientific concepts. The game has three versions of play, for increasing challenge levels as children grow.
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