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Click for Great Idea Award Winner GREAT IDEA AWARD WINNER
This award is given to what is considered by us to be a new or significantly improved consumer product, process, or service. We will attempt to select only the very best in each category.
Click for Ideas For Sale IDEAS FOR SALE
From alarm clocks to electronics, fashion to home safety, office products to Web tools. Here's the newest ideas you'll want to own. We showcase the best and most innovative ideas.
Click for Inventor Direct INVENTOR DIRECT
The goal of all inventors is to profit from their ideas. To do this, the product must be visible to potential customers. The inventions listed here are available directly from the inventor.
Click for Associate Program ASSOCIATE PROGRAM
All funds received from our associate program memberships go towards the ongoing operation, maintenance and expansion of The Great Idea Finder site.
Cliick for Idea Wish List IDEA WISH LIST
Can't always find what you want or need. A list of wished for consumer products submitted by visitors to the TGIF site. You can even add your wish to the list.
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