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Your host Phil Ament
Dyson® Advanced Centrifugal Force PowerVacuum
This European vacuum by Dyson is among the most impressive cleaning tools we’ve tried. With an ingenious bagless design that won’t lose suction like regular vacuums, this model’s cleaning filtration is as powerful on its 1,000th use as its first. To ensure the best possible vacuuming, it has a wide channel on the faceplate to enable vacuuming of larger debris on the first pass (other vacuums would require several passes), and a one-step wand extension system for switching between upright vacuuming and attachment-tool vacuuming. Dyson® Advanced Centrifugal Force Power Vacuum
The telescoping wand expands 17’ for easy stair cleaning and attachment use; includes four hose attachments (crevice tool, brush, mini turbine head, and low-reach floor tool for reaching under furniture). Carpet-cleaning kit (81/2 oz. spray-on spot cleaner, 261/2 oz. cleaning powder, and a long-bristled grooming attachment). 35’ cord. ABS plastic and polycarbonate construction. 46” H x 14” W x 13” D. (19 lbs.)
ITEM # 71669
Dyson® Advanced Centrifugal Force Power Vacuum .................. $549.99

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