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Zinio Magazine Delivery System
Founded in March 2000, Zinio is revolutionizing the magazine publishing industry through its technology that benefits readers, publishers and advertisers.  Digital magazines are here. Instead of reading your favorite magazines on your desk or lap, you can now read them on your desktop or laptop. By transforming print magazines into digital format, Zinio gives you the same content, the same graphics, and the same look and feel of the print magazines you enjoy. But Zinio also gives you something new -- an interactive experience that lets you actually get involved with your print magazine in fun, new ways. And, you can access your favorite titles anytime, anywhere because each magazine is delivered through the Internet to your computer.
It's a whole new reading experience.

It's free. It's fun.

It's a real page turner.

Experience a Digital Magazine.

You've never read this way before. Zinio brings you magazines in a convenient new digital format. Same great content. Same great design. Delivered over the Internet. Straight to your desktop.

At the heart of the Zinio experience is the reader. Zinio Reader™, their free software download, enables magazine fans to view and interact with name-brand content they value and trust. The Zinio experience is highly intuitive, mirroring the way readers use print, while providing features only possible in digital magazines. Now readers can interact with the content using Smart Zoom, Full-Text Search, Table of Contents Hyper linking, Text Highlights and Electronic Notes. They can even pass along their magazine to friends and associates via email.

At your command.  No more waiting for the mail to arrive. Get your magazines right away or wake up to find them ready to read. Zinio Delivery Manager automatically downloads each new issue of your subscription, hot off the digital press. And magazines are stored on your computer, not your bookshelf, for fast reference and paperless archiving. You can read them anytime, anywhere - even when you're not online.

Click here to visit the Zinio digital magazine store.
Great Idea Award

Why Go Digital?

1. Same great magazine.  Read the magazines you know in a convenient new format.

2. Immediate access.  Get your magazines automatically as soon as they hit the newsstand, then read them anytime, anywhere - even offline.

3. Keyword searchable.  Find a topic or name in seconds.

4. Paperless archives.  Keep back issues on your computer, not your bookshelf, for fast future reference and easy storage.

5. Easy to share.  Send a copy instantly to a friend or colleague.

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