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The "itty bitty®" Booklight - Volume 2™
prod-B.jpg (5441 bytes) Improve on the "itty bitty" book light? No way, unless you happen to be Zelco, the creator of the original, classic, award-winning "itty bitty" book light: the smallest,  lightest, brightest, best-selling book light of all time. So, it was up to Zelco to create a new, better "itty bitty" book light. It's Volume 2. Smaller, lighter and brighter than the original--and with a new tech look--it promises to be a runaway best-seller with a whole new generation of readers.
From the beginning, Zelco’s objective has been to create unique and useful products that combine functional design and the newest technology.
prod-A.jpg (11100 bytes)

Zelco’s presentation and packaging program are among the most exciting in the industry. This combination has earned Zelco international recognition, with products in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and awards such as Accent on Design, Industrial Designers Society of America, Roscoe, Clio, Smau, "G," DeSI, Pioneer, and Andy.

Producing products that are easy to operate, well-priced, and which adhere to the highest standards of design technology and craftsmanship has made Zelco a primary source for quality. Understanding consumer needs and desires, Zelco’s research and development continues to create exciting, innovative, and useful products.
"itty bitty" Booklight -Vol. 2
Electronics / Zelco / ASIN: B00005R8TJ
/ Less than $25.00
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