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In 1981, Sony established the standard format for digital data storage and transfer with the introduction of the 3.5" floppy disk. Now Sony introduces the next generation of digital data storage media, Memory Stick™ digital data storage, expected to become the new industry standard for storage and transfer media, Memory Stick digital data storage promises to bring together digital technologies in a way no other storage media has. ms-world.gif (4876 bytes)
Similar in appearance to a stick of gum, its length is about the same as that of an AA battery used in small portable devices such as headphone players. The shape of Memory Stick is ergonomically designed for easy handling. And, unlike other flash memory cards, it is easy to distinguish the front from the back and the top from the bottom of a Memory Stick to prevent misuse or accidental loss of data. Its small size also allows development of compatible products that are compact and portable.

By attaching an adaptor, the compact Memory Stick Duo media designed especially for mobile products becomes the same size as a standard Memory Stick.

Memory Stick is designed to be highly resistant to shock and vibration due to its solid-state construction with no moving parts. The connector unit and pins have special features that provide reliability as described below. The shape of Memory Stick makes it easy to insert into products and ensures highly reliable exchange of data.

Memory Stick has only 10 pins with longer lengths to ensure more reliable exchange of data. Thanks to the slanted guide grooves, dust is automatically removed when a Memory Stick is inserted into the slot.By simply sliding the erasure prevention switch on the back of each Memory Stick, users can prevent accidental loss of important content and data.

Memory Stick Application formats are specified to allow seamless sharing and exchange of data among compatible products of different manufacturers.

When recording data to a Memory Stick media using a compatible device, a folder is automatically created in accordance with the data type and format. That's why various types of digital content can be stored on a single media, without the user having to pay attention to file format or folder structure.

As Memory Stick applications expand to a wider variety of areas, automatically recordable data categories are also increasing. They are recorded so as not to affect the data already stored on the media.

Sony 512 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo (MSXM-512S)
Electronics / by Sony / ASIN: B0002Z4572 / Item model number: MSXM-512S / Less than $70.00
Ultra-high memory capacity, includes Memory Stick PRO storage case, includes MSAC-M2 Memory Stick Duo media adapter, SDMI-compliant MagicGate encryption technology and one year warranty,: .

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