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The best ideas are the ones that flourish and become reality! Can't always find what you want or need. Tell the world and maybe someone will invent it for you. See if others have wished for the same thing. A list of wished for consumer products submitted by visitors to the TGIF site. You can even add your wish to the list.

I WISH for an easy way to wash the inside of the windshield in my car without having to hang upside down to get into the edges. - Sioux City IA

I WISH  I had a "relaxation station" at my desk that could play soothing music, nature sounds, give out an essence of my favorite scent or scent of choice at the time, offer inspiring words.  A brief moment of peace or pick-me-up in one unit. -  Sioux City IA

I WISH that someone could invent a shampoo that could just straighten your hair while you are washing it. - North Port

I WISH that someone would invent a way to erases the whiteboard, with the press of a button. - North Port

I WISH that we could get up for school around 9 A.M. and get out of school at 6 P.M., I think that would be great for us kids! - Tampa, Florida

I WISH there was a tracking device kind of like a watch or necklace that our children could wear when there away from our site. This device they wear somehow could be connected to there home phone, all they would have to do is press the button and it would call local police. - Enid, Oklahoma

I WISH for a wireless, remote-controlled gallery light for artwork that is displayed on a high wall or on a cathedral ceiling. - Lords Valley, PA

I WISH that someone would invent sugerless and low fat chocolate that actually tasted like the real thing. - Wodonga, Australia

I WISH someone would post a decent wish so that I could use it for my 8th grade invention project this year. - Hermon, Maine

I WISH someone, maybe 'Corporate America', would let me have a nuclear powered car.....or at least one propelled by magnetic propulsion.- Barnegat, NJ

I WISH they would have odd and even answers at the back of a student math or science book. - McDonough, Georgia

I WISH I had a way of escaping tornados without having to leave all my family and things behind  - Tampa, Florida

I WISH there was a remote that you could use on people. That way when you don't want to here them you can press mute, or if they did something you like you could make them do it again by pressing rewind. - Deland

I WISH there was a computer program that all you had to do was fix a girls makeup on the computer and then put on a mask ant push a button and then there it is on your face.- Atlanta, Georgia

I WISH there was a spray that you could use in your hair after the club. So that your hair doesn't smell Like cigarettes the next day. Like Fabreeze for clothes.- Sugarland, Texas

I WISH someone would make Christian cartoons and they were really great and up to date, not boring for the children.- Tampa, Florida

I WISH that someone would invent a tool that made your hamsters be quiet during the night, so you can sleep - Raleigh, NC
I WISH someone would make heated gloves that you could wear while you write.  This would allow those that have to work in the cold to do their job without freezing their fingers, - Newmarket New Hampshire

I WISH for self cleaning gutters. - St Louis, Missouri

I WISH that, I could have a remote system , where I can install different operating systems , either Linux or Windows. - Coimbatore  India

.I WISH there was some kind of box, that a dog could walk through, to clean and dry its feet and legs. - Bad Honnef, Germany

I WISH  there was a pharmaceutical fluid that when drunk by a smoker it would clear his lungs and arteries and make him as healthy as someone who has never smoked before.- Christos, Cyprus

I WISH someone would invent a truly real diet loss pill, not some barely legal mixture of herbs and chemicals.- Bakersfield, CA

I WISH there was a device that could be dropped into liquid to produce duplicate molecules of that liquid. No, I'm not alcoholic... just tired of paying outrageous gasoline prices! - San Antonio, TX

I WISH there were a machine you could walk through and make you smile and feel better about yourself and others around you. - Pineland

I WISH that forward and backward time travel were a true reality. - St Albans

I WISH there was a tool that would assist in the building of a wooden fence. I envision it as cross between a pocket hole guide, a clamp and a position locator. - Kingston, Ontario

I WISH for a semi autonomous robotic device, designed with human environments in mind and software engineered for secondary objective movement, while primary objectives can be directed in near real time via WAN/LAN to Bluetooth technology by a human director. - Auckland, New Zealand

I WISH they would make the hula hoop glow and the ball inside really glow so it looks like an asteroid going around a planet. - San Diego

I WISH someone would sell spheres with holes appropriate for building a dodecahedron.- Coppell, Texas

I WISH someone would build a baby doll that did everything, that would be good for teens who think they want a baby. This would give them a chance to think it over. - Kansas

I WISH there was a sharp knife that would fit the curve of the mayonnaise jar. Which means you have to get a spatula to prevent wasting mayonnaise. - Grand Bay, AL

I WISH someone would invent a stand for a hairdryer so that both hands could be left free for styling. Holding a hairdryer in one hand and trying to control both hair and styling brush with the other is very difficult. - London, UK

I WISH someone would invent a power washer for ceilings and walls. It's pretty funny how many AUTO Tools I use in my home. Grants, New Mexico

I WISH someone would invent cordless plugs, this would eliminate all the wires that hang down and run across the floor to the socket. You would be able to arrange a room according to where you want things to be, rather than having to arrange a room according to where the sockets are. - London, UK

I WISH an invention would be made to generate electricity using a pendulum. If a clock could run on a pendulum why not electricity. - Manila, Philippines

I WISH there was a remote electronic device that can be purchased by consumers to kill or jam a car stereo system within close proximity to me or up to a certain range from me. -Louisville, KY

I WISH there was a glass on which no water can stick to, so there will be no need for any wipers on automobiles to clear their windscreens. Further such glass would be great on spectacles for use on rainy days. - Thrissur, India

I WISH there was a single remote control device that could be used on everything in my house. - Orlando, Florida

"I WISH someone would invent a device for people with bad knees and back that can't bend to help put socks on your feet. - Orlando, Florida.

I WISH all PDA's had a casing designed with pockets to hold a couple of credit cards, dollar notes, thus replacing the need for a wallet. - Singapore

I WISH  I had  a simple folding  machine to fold lengthy fabrics instead of  folding by hand. - India

I WISH that cellular phones had a remote with a button you can push to page them so if you don't have minutes on your phone or if your phone is disconnected you can find it by simply pushing a button. - Salisbury, NC

I WISH someone would design a way to waterproof personal audio players so that I could surf or swim laps while listening to my own tunes. - Virginia Beach

I WISH some Toyota, or Chevy, or Honda, etc.. would make a car that ran from magnetism so we would never have to buy gas and someone would make a magnetic generator that could run our power for us so we wouldn't have to pay a power bill.- Axton, VA

I WISH somebody would invent a lightweight system to project the pages of a book to the ceiling. It would be great to read in bed. Easy turning of pages is a must.- Florence (Italy)

I WISH someone invented a cigarette that lit up by itself so you wouldn't have to search for a lighter the whole time.-
London (UK)

I WISH that we will get a TV that works by itself when you say on off and when you say the channels. - New Haven, CT

I WISH there was a jet-propelled pack that would strap on to your back that would not run out of fuel to quickly and could go the speed of a small plane. It wouldn't be to heavy and it would be in my price range. - Long Island, NY

If you didn't find it here, then tell us what consumer product you wish were available. You can enter a wish here.
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