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The best ideas are the ones that flourish and become reality! Can't always find what you want or need. Tell the world and maybe someone will invent it for you. See if others have wished for the same thing. A list of wished for consumer products submitted by visitors to the TGIF site. You can even add your wish to the list.

I WISH that everyone could speak the same language and all races could understand one another - a lot of the world problems could be solved. Sometimes you want to be friends with someone and they want to be friends with you but you cannot understand each other. This is really a tragedy. - Melbourne, Australia

I WISH for a virtual reality TV / PC that would have all the 3D / VR features integrated including smell sense / odor. - California student

I WISH there was an integrated phone system that worked through any personal computer. There are web phones out there that communicate through your ISP, but what I'm suggesting is your standard telephone features (dialing, caller-id, call waiting, phone book, etc) should be integrated through your PC via your standard phone line. This would be more generally acceptable than a web phone system because the phone companies would still make money and  the infrastructure is already in place.- Sparta, NJ

I WISH women could buy durable travel containers for tampons! It seems crazy that anyone can buy containers for soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc right in the drugstore or grocery store. Why not tampons? We NEED them when we travel, and they easily get crushed or torn and thus aren't sterile any more. A hard plastic case that could hold 4 to 8 tampons would be a very handy item. - Edison, NJ

I WISH there was an elevator that generates power for itself. Even if there is no electricity in the building ,the elevator still works. i think i found a way how to do that. - Oklahoma City, OK

I WISH they invented a blow dryer that had a button that said curl and it curls for you instead of using a curling iron or curlers. - Audubon, NJ

I WISH I could find pants stretchers that I have seen years ago. They insert into each leg after they are washed and dry with crease and no wrinkles. - Woodland, TX

I WISH for a all in one PC that includes a scanner, printer, camera, fax and copy machine all in one box. VCR's and TV's come together now, why not? - Loveland, CO

I WISH for a pillow that always stays cool. Maybe even blankets that stay cool, too... even in summer. - Auckland, New Zealand

I WISH that there was a robot that did everything for you and you didn't have to one thing except to speak into a microphone and tell it what to do. That would be awesome! - Pierce, NE

I WISH there was a robot that would look and sound exactly like you! you could control it by voice or control! - Student

I WISH someone would invent a key-ring that you could ring, like a mobile phone, when you had lost it in the house. West Midlands, United Kingdom

I WISH someone would invent a cartridge device (such as the compact-VHS tapes use for playback within a regular VCR) to allow people to play their 8mm, Hi-8, Digital8 or MiniDV video tapes. I work in a major retail environment, and not a day goes by that I don't have some customer asking me where these are! If such a device exists, I don't know about it...and I would LOVE to find it! - Lakeland, FL

I WISH for a device that could give you a hair cut by merely placing it on your head like a helmet and then be able to choose from different styles of cuts. - Edmonton Alberta, Canada

I WISH for a paint that can change to a related color with use of a heating unit. Chicago, IL

I WISH you could record your thoughts without speaking them out. Something is lost during the translation. - Toronto, Canada

I WISH for gum that does not lose the flavor for a whole day. - Canton, TX

I WISH for a devise in your car that you can tell it where you want to go and it takes you there. Canton, TX

I WISH that pencils could be made specially to fit your hand instead of having to buy something extra. Hands hurt when you're drawing and writing for a long time! - Atlanta, GA

I WISH that the airlines would create a system for preventing hijackings quickly and without serious consequences. They would need to make the cockpits air-tight. They would need to give the pilots their own ventilation system independent of the rest of the passengers so that if a hijacking occurred the pilots could flip a switch and release a medically safe airborne agent into the passenger section of the airplane to immediately incapacitate everyone passengers and hijackers alike. This would stop hijackings without their being aware of it or without being able to circumvent it. - West Plains, MO

I WISH any book to be able to be translated automatically to any language the reader chooses! - Tucson, AZ

If you didn't find it here, then tell us what consumer product you wish were available. You can enter a wish here.
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