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Idea History Not all ideas provide a benefit to the world population. Not all inventors become overnight millionaires. Some of the best ideas were never successful. Some invention potentials were never recognized by their inventors. Take a glimpse into the past at some of the more unusual inventions and how they came to be, or not to be. Fascinating stories behind the world's greatest inventors and great inventions.
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Inventor Biography
Innovation Timeline
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Innovation Games

Idea Showcase We showcase only the best and most innovative ideas. These ideas could be completely new or just an improvement of an existing idea. Ideas are not just products but also methods, routines, thoughts, words, etc. We will attempt to bring you the very best in each category. A catalog of what we consider to be great ideas with description, picture and where to find. Most are available online and we have provided links to the source.
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Ideas For Sale

Inventor Direct
Associate Program
Idea Wish List

Features In this section you will find our most popular features. The history of many calendar holidays. A listing of private and public organizations that have an effect on our community. Some wished for product that visitors to our site would like to buy. A few quotable words we have found in our travels.
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A Class Act
Did You Ever Wonder.
One Small Step
Turning Point Inventions

Resource Center The goal of all inventors is to profit from their ideas. To do this, your product or idea must, be unique, technically feasible, have a potential market, be legally protected, and most importantly, be visible to potential customers. This section will guide you through the necessary steps and provided insightful recommendations along the way.
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PT Mentor

Guest Services We want your visit to our site to be as pleasant as possible. This Guest Services section has the important information about site and our company. We also included a list of the other World Wide Web sites that have pages related to ours.
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Articles Some inventions were silly, some deadly serious, but even the inventions that were not successful were not all failures either. Each invention shed some light on the good intentions of the inventor and their quest to improve the quality of life. Read our in-depth articles.
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National Heroes

The Lists

Information Some important information you need to know or may want to know while visiting our site and tools we provide to make your visit more meaningful.
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